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A Creative collaboration

The Rancho Cordova River City Concert Band is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization made up of approximately 60 volunteer musicians who donate their time and musical talents to present concerts with a broad audience appeal. 

The band's repertoire includes traditional concert band literature including popular and modern arrangements, and the occasional orchestral transcription. 


It is our desire to present band music before audiences of diverse backgrounds, foster musical interest among children, and provide performance opportunities for skilled community musicians.  We strive to provide a rich social environment to those seeking life  enrichment through musical interaction with other adult musicians and the community.  

Members of the ensemble range in ability from semi-professional musicians and former military band members to members who, for one reason or another, stopped playing after High School or College and have now rediscovered their love of music through rehearsing and performing in a community band.

Members of the audience may inquire about joining the band by approaching the director or any of the members of the band.

The band is pleased to be sponsored by the City of Rancho Cordova (near Sacramento, CA) and is enthusiastically affiliated with the Sacramento Valley Symphonic Band Association (SVSBA) and the Association of Concert Bands (ACB). Performing an average ten concerts a year, Rancho Cordova RCCB remains true to the American Community Band tradition - all of our concerts and performances  throughout our year long season are free to the public. 


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